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In the Spotlight: Luna Rose Design

September 2, 2018

Welcome to the first "In the Spotlight" article. In the Spotlight will feature different brands, individuals and stories who are inspiring and creative.


I had the pleasure of recently interviewing Emily Perry. Emily Perry is the beautiful and creative soul behind Luna Rose Design. I discovered Luna Rose Designs when I was searching for locally made aromatherapy jewellery and was lucky enough to stumble upon their Instagram. Luna Rose Designs creates the most beautiful one of a kind aromatherapy bracelets made from semi-precious stones, crystals and lava beads. So let's jump in and learn all about Em and Luna Rose Designs. 




Emily started Luna Rose Designs in June 2018 and has a passion for sharing her creations with her affectionately named "Luna Rose Angels."  Em shared with me that even as a little girl she has been obsessed with jewellery and crystals. She shares "anyone who knows me knows how crazy I am about them. I have always had a bad case of I don’t have enough, I need more!" Recently Emily discovered the incredible world and benefits of essential oils. Like most oil obsessed her small collection has developed into a daily habit and obsession with oils.  The best kind of obsession I think!






So how did Luna Rose Designs come to be? I was lucky enough to hear the story behind Luna Rose Designs from Em who shared,  "I decided to put my 3 loves together and create Luna Rose Design. I have a true passion for creating and designing - its a feeling like no other." This creative passion shines through in how beautiful Em's pieces are and how much thought she puts into creating pieces. Em's passion started small - creating pieces for family and friends. She soon realised that finding handmade, unique and on trend bracelets which also provide the healing benefits of crystals and essential oils is such a niche market . It's a market which those of us using oils have been looking for! It is from here that Luna Rose Design was born. Em summarises it perfectly by saying "Now my Luna Rose Angels can enjoy their favourite essential oils throughout their day and reap the benefits."


Because Em shares the same love for doTERRA that I do I thought it was fitting to find out her top 3 go-to oils and I have to say she nailed it with her faves. So here they are:

Lemon - "Lemon is my absolute go to for all things in my household, its such a simple versatile beauty.From starting my mornings with lemon in my water, to polishing my silver jewellery, to cleaning my household surfaces with lemon.  It's just simply the best!" 


Frankincense -  "I love it when my whole house smells of Frankincense. I just adore the smell and it helps me to relax especially at night and brings me feelings of peace. I also love that it helps support my overall health and wellness."


Wild Orange - "I love adding a few drops of Wild Orange onto my Luna Rose diffuser bracelet as it sets the tone for my day. It's uplifting, and creates feelings of abundance and happiness. When I’m wearing Wild Orange i know I’m going to have a great day."



When I asked Em about her tips for living a well, happy and balanced life she shared some beautiful advice. Em spoke about the craziness of life and remembering that "it is so important to always remember not to forget about you." She spoke about one of my favourite topics balance - "balance is the key, keep yourself motivated, work hard but you also have to find things that bring you peace and joy, and finding ways for you to switch off and realising whats important to you." 


So what does Em do to keep herself grounded and happy? She has 2 fur babies which she loves taking for a long walk after a crazy day, as well as using her painting as a release.  As a fellow lover of mindfulness I loved how well Emily spoke about the benefits of mindfulness - "it helps to keep me grounded and in the moment. I always like to remember and remind myself how very blessed and grateful I am. I always say healthy body, healthy mind, happy life." How beautiful is that? It made me reflect that in the busyness that is life, that sometimes we really do need to take a step back and realise how blessed we are for the things we have. 


What's next for Luna Rose Design? Em's creative passion means she is always thinking of unique and exciting products and designs to create. Luna Rose will soon be launching Luna Rose Little Angels Range which is designed for mums and loved by bubs so make sure you're following Luna Rose Designs on Instagram to see some very unique designs to come!


Where to buy

You can purchase all of Luna Rose Design's precious and stunning gems online at https://luna-rose-design.myshopify.com or follow Luna Rose Design's Instagram and Facebook page to keep up to date with any markets Emily will be at!


Luna Rose Designs also offers custom designs so send her a message on Instagram or Facebook. I recently had the pleasure of designing my own custom piece with Em. She was so patient, kind and creative. She absolutely nailed my brief of something "pink that promotes self love and calmness" My piece is so special and perfect for me. 



I want to say a massive thank you to Emily from Luna Rose Design for taking the time out of her creating to share with me everything Luna Rose. It was such a pleasure getting to know her and discovering the face behind Luna Rose Design. Don't forget to check out her Instagram and Facebook



If you know of anyone who you'd love to see on the "In the Spotlight" series drop me an email! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and don't forget to subscribe


Sending Good Vibes, 
Emily x




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