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A Day in the Life of the Essential Oil Obsessed - the weekend edition

August 25, 2018

About 12 months ago I started on a little journey with doTERRA oils and little did I know much I would come to use these oils in my everyday life. So here is my daily oil routine - the weekend edition.


9am:  I normally let myself sleep in on the weekends and slowly get out of bed. The first thing I do on the weekend is set my diffuser going with something uplifting and motivating. Normally I do lemon, spearmint and Citrus Bliss. These oils are all uplifting, promote a happy vibe and freshen up the house. 




10am: I let myself get ready slowly on the weekend. I will have a shower using doTERRA's Refreshing Body Wash which is full of citrus oils to wake me up. I will follow this by using the Root to Tip Serum in damp hair to keep it healthy and protected. 



I also use my DIY hydrating body oil on my legs to prevent dryness. Containing oils including lavender, geranium, cedarwood and frankincense mixed with fractionated coconut oil it smells so good and helps get rid of that winter skin.



10:30am: I put ClaryCalm, doTERRA's women's blend, on my ankles and wrists to support my body's hormones and help keep my emotions grounded. I apply my DIY Radiate perfume blend containing lavender, lemongrass and cedarwood to my wrists. This combination of oils is equal parts grounding and uplifting so perfect for whatever the day has to come. I also pop some oil on my Luna Rose aroma bracelet - lately I've been loving citrus bliss!





We will generally try and clean our apartment of a Saturday afternoon. Here is what we use:


1. On Guard Laundry Detergent: I use this to wash all our towels and bedding and I love it because it is natural, contains a 10ml bottle of doTERRA's On Guard Protective Blend and it actually cleans my things so well without the nasties in other detergents.


2. We use all DIY cleaning products that I make using doTERRA products. This includes kitchen surface spray, shower cleaner, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner and air freshener. I generally use On Guard, lemon, tea tree and wild orange in my DIY cleaners. I will do a post on this in future. These gorgeous labels can be purchased from Wilde Essence + Co. 


I will also try to squeeze in some kind of exercise whether it is just some stretching, a gym session or a walk. I always use my Touch Motivate and Touch Peppermint swiped across my wrist and chest. Motivate contains mint and citrus oils and I call it my liquid motivation. Peppermint helps me to focus on getting it done, as well as having a cooling effect. The Touch rollers are so handy as they are pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil and in a ready to go roller bottle. 




I like to change my diffuser blend in the evenings and normally I just let myself gravitate to the oils my body wants and needs when I open my oil box. Lately I've been loving copaiba as it creates a tranquil home, peppermint because yum! and frankincense for feelings of overall wellbeing. 


I will normally have either a bath or a shower to unwind if we have nothing on. I use doTERRA's Lavender Peace Bath Bar because it contains the Lavender Peace Restful Blend to help with getting a good night's rest and it is gentle on my skin. I follow this by my skincare routine which involves:

1. Salubelle Beauty Blend rolled onto my finger and pressed around my eyes to help reduce the signs of aging because this girl doesn't want crow's feet!


2. Verage Salubelle hydrating serum is a powerhouse oil blend which I use all over my face to keep my skin hydrated, especially in winter!


3. Blue Tansy - I mix this in with either my serum or night cream. This oil is literally blue but soaks in quickly (don't worry you won't look like a Smurf forever!) I have found it helps soothe my skin, keep it hydrated and I wake up with glowing skin!


Firstly, before bed I do mindfulness and self compassion practise every night. I will do a post in the future on this, but I use my Yoga Collection oils for this in my diffuser. Depending on my mood and needs I will pick from Anchor, Affirm or Ascend.

- Anchor promotes calmness, and grounding effects on emotions so I can fully trust the mindfulness process

- Affirm is centring and promotes self acceptance and is great for the days when I need some self compassion bought into my practise 


- Ascend promotes happiness and clarity and is doTERRA's enlightening blend. I normally reach for this for a morning mindfulness practise






Finally, I put my nighttime blend in my bedroom diffuser on which normally continues my sleep go-to oils; lavender peace, vetiver and cedarwood. These oils are grounding, relaxing and create a chilled out bedtime vibe. I swear by these oils for night time and I have since the beginning of my journey. The woody aroma of vetiver and cedarwood combined with lavender peace is so calming. 



Thanks so much for reading, please email me or leave a comment if you have

questions and if you would like to join my oil tribe you can click here 

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Sending good vibes, 
Emily x





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